Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lecture Complete

My rigging lecture at Algonquin College in Ottawa is finished. I spent two full days explaining rigging techniques and addressing issues students had with their own rigs. Some of the topics we covered were joint orientation techniques, IK/FK switching, creating proxy meshes, smooth skinning and blendshapes.

Like most people new to rigging, the students were apprehensive at first, but soon they were understanding and asking lots of questions. My goal was to give them insight into what a real production rig would be like and I think I accomlished that. I'm looking forward to being invited back to lecture next year.


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Congratulations, Ian. I've recently heard you are doing very well for yourself - just yesterday actually. Funnily enough, came across your blog this morning from Joe's (also doing well!). That's awesome! All the success to you - you always were very technically oriented. I'm glad you found a niche you really enjoy. All the best, Erin

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