Thursday, December 29, 2005

Create Skeleton Script Complete

The first stage in my "Order of Operations" is complete. I now have a Create Skeleton script which automatically generates and names all the joints on the left side of the skeleton.

Of special interest are the Splay joints in the hand, this allows the fingers to splay outwards and inwards without interfering with the orientation of the fingers as they curl.
The Root of the rig allows the hips to travel downwards and the spine to travel upwards. The benefit of this is being able to rotate and translate the Hip independently wtihout interfering with the spine.
The Eye rig uses a series of fan joints for the upper and lower eyelids. This allows the eyelids to open and close without using a blendshape. The rotation of the eyeball is facilitated with the Eye pivot joint in the centre. The Eye tip is there simply to give better visual feedback when rotating the eye.


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