Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rigging Lecture in Ottawa

A friend of mine, who was in the same 3D animation course that I took in college, has recently become an animation teacher herself. What's more, she's asked me to come to Ottawa to do a 2 day rigging lecture at Algonquin College.

This means I'll be spending a good deal of my spare time in the next two weeks brushing up my techniques, preparing class materials, and making sure I can fit it all into about 16 hours of class time. At the moment I'm brainstorming an itinerary with all the topics I'd want to teach. From there I'll filter it down to the most essential elements.

What I'm happiest about is that I'll be able to teach some real-world approaches. Hopfully it will give the students an idea of what industry rigging is like. I plan to only show techniques that I specifically use in the studio, and to not dilute them by trying to include ones I don't use. I figure that if I were a full time teacher, I'd try to cover a broader range of topics, but this lecture will be designed to be a "field tested" approach.


Blogger Joseph said...

Sweet can I get a transcript of the lecture.

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